Monday, August 13, 2012

Tony and Kate at the start!

When we peaked over the rim, this what we saw.  It was both of our first in-person view of the lake.  Wow!

We hiked down to the lake and no one was around.  Our destination was the point in the center in the light.  The water was perfectly flat and the dark shadows shrouded most of the eastern caldera.
The dry bag I dragged behind me with Gus on the outside.  Inside was a pair of PB&J sandwiches, water bottle, steripen, Perpetuem powder, a Spot tracking device, iPhone, Advil, salt tablets, emergency blanket, and an extra pair of goggles (thankfully).

Our GPS route recorded by a Garmin 310xt under my swim cap.

Tony at the turnaround with Wizard Island in the background

Kate pointing at a tour boat coming by.
Kate's McGyver solution to a broken goggle strap WHILE IN the water.  She used my extra pair on the return.

A breif moment in the sunshine before a return home.  Not many humans (if any?) have been on this stretch of rocks.  We brought home a perfect matching pair.
Exuberant Kate and puffy eyed Tony at the finish!

Celebrating with the rangers.
The view back from the lodge where we had a well deserved meal and answered scores of questions from the curious park visitors.  We finally left the park at 9pm (to arrive home at 5 am!)
Happy (tired) swimmers.



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  1. Truly amazing you two!! What a beautiful place, and you saw and experienced it from a perspective never before done. I'll bet you were giddy for a couple of days. Dream come true, for sure...way to go.